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  • Server Address:
  • Server Name: The Walking Z Uk | PvE Only

Server Description:

The Walking Z Overpoch is a PvE/PvP server, based in London, England. Our main aim is to deliver a PvE experience, with casual game play where you can test yourself against progressively harder AI missions, build your dream base, or just hang out with some of our friendly players. Watch your back though, roaming AI squads love to show up when you least expect it! We've implemented a modified version of the vehicle damage handler, which aims to make vehicles a little stronger, and game play with them a bit more fair. (no more getting one-tapped by an M2.) World-spawn loot is fairly high, with many added lootable compounds around the map. In addition to this, and you gain humanity, we have two additional tiered traders over hero, where you can gain access to rare and powerful weapons and vehicles. If you find yourself in the mood for a bit more action and adventure, you could always head into the PvP quadrant of the map, where anything goes! Rare loot, and harder missions spawn here, if you're willing to risk it. Base raiding, takeovers, and anything else is fair play here. We have some additions to help you blast through those locked doors and into safes, but beware, you're likely to attract some attention.

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