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Server Address:
Server Name: [UK] The Walking Z | Space Adventures
Server Mods:

  • Energy Shields
  • Vanilla Weapon Re balance
  • Mid space's Large Ship Speed 250 mod
  • Small Ship Jump Drive 5 Minute Charge
  • Nanobot Build and Repair System
  • Hull's Economical Hydrogen Thrusts (x10 efficiency)
  • Automatic Ore Pickup No HUD
  • Nanobot Drill and Fill System
  • Economical Hydrogen Engines
  • Economical O2/H2 Generators

Server Settings:

  • Game Mode: Survival
  • Auto Heal: Enabled.
  • 3rd Person View: Enabled.
  • Jetpack enabled.
  • Max players: 30
  • Spawn with tools: Enabled

Server Multiplies:

  • Assembler Efficiency: 3x
  • Assembler Speed 3x
  • Block Inventory Size: 5x
  • Grinder Speed 3x
  • Hacking Speed: 0.33x
  • Harvest Ratio Multiple: 0.80x
  • Characters Inventory Size: x5
  • Refinery Speed: 3x
  • Welder Speed: 3x

Environment Settings:

  • Destruction of Blocks: Enabled
  • Oxygen: Enabled
  • Air tightness: Enabled
  • Sub Grid Damage: Enabled
  • Sun Rotation: Enabled
  • Voxel Destruction: Enabled
  • Environment Hostility: Safe

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