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Discord Server Rules

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  • Be respectable toward other members.
  • No drama. If something happens and you really need to continue it, take it to DMs. If you need staff help with the situation.
  • No lewd, NSFW, or NSFL content, chats, or any other posts lewd things are defined by common recognition and may result in an immediate mute.
  • Anyone who spams any posts, with spam being defined by common recognition or staff declaration, is going to be immediately subjected to a temporary mute. If the behaviour continues, the user may be banned.
  • This isn't a dating website take it to dms.
  • Don’t ask to be admin, mod, or staff in any of the chats nothing may not come of this you just might get muted for a while.
  • No asking for nudes. It’s zero tolerance and will result in ban.
  • No advertising will result in temp mute.


Note: The posting of malware, offensive content, and the like are all considered to be malicious behaviour and are not taken lightly.

  • Any member who attempts or succeeds to post malware, scams, in any posts of the website is to be immediately banned.
  • The glorification of, promoting of, or the encouragement of self-harm, eating disorders, or the like is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate ban.

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