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    • The next update is coming soon here is whats going on so far.
      Fixed: Knocked out bug. Added: Rules has now been placed on the F4 menu.
      Added: Voting for day/night has been re added. 
      Added: Helo jump has been enabled. 
      Added: Pay checks now scale with your humanity. 
      Added: New Airdrops non AI mission has rare weapons like TWS and others.
      Added: Roaming AI now have helis, 2 will fly around.
      Added: Improved client FPS (Still a WIP)
      Added: "Town/Compound" added to skalisty island (Awaiting update for placements of AI)
      Added: Animated helis has been added. (Needs x amount of damage before crashing)
      Updated: Pipe bomb has had its spawn rate increased.
      Updated: Overall military loot spawn rate has been increased.
      Updated: Super hero trader has been moved out of pvp zone.
      Updated: The pvp zone has been redesigned.
      Updated: Money from Mission AI has been increased.
      Updated: Humanity from Mission AI has been increased.
      Updated: Claim time has been increased from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.
      Updated: PvP zone has been reduced in size.
      Updated: You can now store items in your vehicles with in Virtual garage. Overloading some vehicles will force the vehicle contents to be lost. 
      Updated: black missions now spawn side the pvp zone.
      Updated: Trader map marks has been updated.
      Updated: Humanity books has been buffed.
      - Book Bible: from 1000 to 1500 humanity.
      - Book1: from 2000 to 2500 humanity.
      - Latter: from 1500 to 2000 humanity.
      - News paper: from 1800 to 2300 humanity.
      - Paper: from 2500 to 3000 humanity.
      - Paper Music: from 2500 to 4000 humanity.
      Updated: Roaming AI (Low to Mediums) difficulty has been lowered.
      - Low to medium-skilled AI. Most common type of AI encountered. Intended to challenge players.
      Updated: High-skilled AI difficulty has been lowered slightly
      - Uncommon/rare type of AI found in places with military loot. Intended to kill players.
      Non AI Missions (Modules):
      Updated: Building Supplies.
      Updated: Special Forces. Removed: Time control has been disabled temporarily.
      Removed: A lot of random compounds around the map has been removed.
      Removed: Patrol mission.
      Removed: Pre generated heli crashes.
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    • Server Address: Server Name: The Walking Z Uk | PvE Only Server Description: The Walking Z Overpoch is a PvE/PvP server, based in London, England. Our main aim is to deliver a PvE experience, with casual game play where you can test yourself against progressively harder AI missions, build your dream base, or just hang out with some of our friendly players. Watch your back though, roaming AI squads love to show up when you least expect it! We've implemented a modified version of the vehicle damage handler, which aims to make vehicles a little stronger, and game play with them a bit more fair. (no more getting one-tapped by an M2.) World-spawn loot is fairly high, with many added lootable compounds around the map. In addition to this, and you gain humanity, we have two additional tiered traders over hero, where you can gain access to rare and powerful weapons and vehicles. If you find yourself in the mood for a bit more action and adventure, you could always head into the PvP quadrant of the map, where anything goes! Rare loot, and harder missions spawn here, if you're willing to risk it. Base raiding, takeovers, and anything else is fair play here. We have some additions to help you blast through those locked doors and into safes, but beware, you're likely to attract some attention.
    • Server Address:
      Server Name: [UK] The Walking Z | Space Adventures
      Server Mods: Energy Shields Vanilla Weapon Re balance Mid space's Large Ship Speed 250 mod Small Ship Jump Drive 5 Minute Charge Nanobot Build and Repair System Hull's Economical Hydrogen Thrusts (x10 efficiency) Automatic Ore Pickup No HUD Nanobot Drill and Fill System Economical Hydrogen Engines Economical O2/H2 Generators Server Settings: Game Mode: Survival Auto Heal: Enabled. 3rd Person View: Enabled. Jetpack enabled. Max players: 30 Spawn with tools: Enabled Server Multiplies: Assembler Efficiency: 3x Assembler Speed 3x Block Inventory Size: 5x Grinder Speed 3x Hacking Speed: 0.33x Harvest Ratio Multiple: 0.80x Characters Inventory Size: x5 Refinery Speed: 3x Welder Speed: 3x Environment Settings: Destruction of Blocks: Enabled Oxygen: Enabled Air tightness: Enabled Sub Grid Damage: Enabled Sun Rotation: Enabled Voxel Destruction: Enabled Environment Hostility: Safe