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The Walking Z Server Update

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Hey guys, want to keep you update what we have been doing for the server. We started just before Christmas and now starting back up again about 4 days ago. Our new goal for the the weekend is to update our server and move us to overpoch. (Overpoch is Epoch + Overwatch)
keeping this in mind we are NOT WIPING the server so you will keep all your vehicles, bases, coins, items. What ever items you had when the server go's off you will have when it comes back online, We are aiming to do this for Friday but we still have a bit of work to do. What we are also doing. 

  • Updating all missions to support overwatch weapons and vehicles.
  • Updating loot to spawn overpoch overwatch weapons and items.
  • Updating all traders to support overwatch weapons and items.
  • Re-balancing all missions and loot
    • Meaning the mission and loot will scale with the mission you are doing, so as an example doing green missions will get you 
      starting out items/weapons
    • Doing higher and harder missions will get you much better loot.

We are also doing more to the side updates what we will inform you of when we update the server. 

All the "Player" will have to do it download overwatch. The screenshots below will show you how to download and connect to the server.

  1. Open your Dayz Launcher 
  2. Click Mods at the top of the screen find and click download on DayZ Overwatch 0.2.5
  3. Ones downloaded click Advanced at the top of the screen and you will see
  4. Select DayZ Overwatch and click add, Then click DayZ Epoch and click add. You must have DayZ Overwatch first or you will get errors. So you should see 
  5. Now click back to servers and search for [EU/UK] The Walking Z and click the arrow to join the server

And now you are done. 

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