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Overpoch Server Update #9

Released 02/27/2019

Key Changes

Mission & Roaming AI Changes: 

  • Remove cheytac from WAI and verify other high-end snipers have been removed.
  • DZAI remove hero skin.

Trader & Banker Changes:

  • G3 Mag price has been corrected in traders.
  • Missing AK PBS mag and USP .45 mag have been added to trader.
  • Added key makers kit.
  • Adjust Backpack prices.
  • Adjust medical and food prices.
  • Max Trader banker Money storage has been increased from 5 mil to 500 mil
  • Safe bank deposit has been disabled. Due to money duping.

Maintaining Changes:

  • Light pole deconstruction give item.
  • Light poles should no longer despawn on restarts.
  • Maintaining cost will remain on 1600 per item. If you want a big base then you are going to have to pay for it. If not you can build a small base.
  • Virtual garage maintain cost is now 1000$

General Changes:

  • You can now buy humanity from the hero trader, It will cost 100k for 10k humanity. You can now go over 100k humanity.
  • Care packages has been disabled till fixed.
  • Logistic (Towing) has been disabled till we can fully sort it out.
  • Done some changes to vote day / night. Should not need everyone on the server to vote.