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Overpoch Server Update #8

Released 02/19/2019

Key Changes

We are bring out version 2.0 today below will be the changes made to the server. 

AI Missions:

  • You will no longer gain humanity from killing ai from the gunner of any vehicle. (Arma 2 bug gives you god mode when using it.)
  • Humanity Gained from killing AI has been lowered from 100 to 50 per kill. 


  • The following weapons have been removed from the traders
    • XM2010_TWS_SD
    • Cheytac
    • M249
    • AS50 TWS
    • M110 TWS
    • Smaw

New To Server:

  • Care Packages: Calling one from your radio will drop a create on your location. Inside the create you will get random loot from guns you are unable to get and other useful items.
  • Tasers: You can now find tasers on police zombies and inside the care packages.
  • Box Dragging and loading: You are now able to drag and load ammo boxes from missions, you are only able to load boxes on to trucks only.
  • Fast Healing: You are now able to use the banker to fast heal if you want to pay the 5k
  • HUD: There is now a had at the bottom of the screen, this will show hotkeys and uptime. 
  • Mystery Briefcases: You can now buy them from the black market trader for 600k. You can get weapons and items you can not buy from any traders.
  • Ming: Mining for gems, use your sledge hammer to mine for gems.
  • Paychecks: You will now gain 20k every hour when on the server, But you can not earn them if you are Inside a plot or a trader zone or tagged as AFK.
  • Starter Box: Its back if you are new on the server you will be given the option to spawn a box that will have basic building supplies. 

Few Fixes:

  • Auction house has been patched. You should now gain your money.
  • You can no longer deploy vehicles inside walls making them blowup.
  • Vehicles randomly unlocking when logging out.