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Overpoch Server Update #6

Released 01/31/2019

Key Changes

Over the last few days I have been working on some tweaks to the balance of the missions we have spawning on the server. First things first, the things players will be happy to hear: -

  • Number of concurrent missions has been upped from 3 to 4.
  • The time it takes for a new mission to spawn has been lowered.
  • Various spawn rules for where missions will spawn have been tweaked as well.

Hopefully the combination of these tweaks will mean it will feel there are more choice of missions to do, and less downtime overall.

Now for the balance changes: -

  • Green missions have had all vehicle patrols removed from them. The trade-off being, that loot has been decreased. The purpose of these missions are for new players to get into, and get some decent gear to take on the harder missions.
  • Yellow missions will now have one or two vehicle patrols. and/or a MG or two. The loot you would get from the yellows was all over the place... it has now been brought closer into line with each other.
  • Red missions will be armed much like they are now. Again, loot was all over the place, some missions were good, others were bad. It has been balanced against itself as well.
  • Black missions will be armed like they are currently. A few tweaks (the Nighthawk heli rarely engaged players and just sat on the edge of the mission, etc) Loot has been balanced more here as well.

Other changes:

  • As it was before, the vehicle patrols were set up to explode if the driver of the vehicle got out. This would occur if you caused damage to one of the wheels, or a decent amount of damage to the engine. This will no longer happen. The driver will still jump out, but the gunner is still there. :D
  • UPGRADE DOCUMENTS will no longer be found on AI, but instead will become random loot in the loot crates. This is to balance the fully upgraded SUVs. When upgraded, they are as strongly armoured as a high end APC like the BTR90. This change will hopefully make them a little harder to come by, as well as encourage players to trade them with each other for full sets.
  • LAUNCHERS held by the AI will now be destroyed on death. Launchers and launcher ammo will now be guaranteed in the loot boxes at all the black missions, as well as a chance of spawning at the other military type missions. (base type missions, bandit patrols, etc.)
  • The vehicle patrols will now be randomly selected from an array, instead of being a set vehicle type for each mission. This will hopefully make the missions slightly more unpredictable. You might get lucky and get low-powered pickups for the vehicles, or might get three m2 toting Humvee to fight. A few missions will have set vehicles to match the mission theme. (black hawks for the Army base)

Also, some items have been added to the loot box loot list to add a bit more variety.