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Overpoch Server Update #4

Released 01/21/2019

Key Changes

After the resent cheating activity i have put an extra layer of protection. 

  • We are now apart of a global ban list. Meaning anyone that was banned on other servers is now banned here. (Banned meaning if they was hacking / cheating only). Their is well over 10k bans.
  • After viewing a large number of hackers seem to buy new accounts or create new steam accounts just use for hacking. We are now not allowing players with new accounts less then 30 days old to join the server. This being said if you have a friend that want to play but cant get on due to this change, please contact us and we will sort it out for you.
  • Battleye filters are also being made/setup.
  • Realistically you can never stop cheaters if they want to cheat they will find a way to do so. Its our job to make it harder for them to do so. If a cheater does come on and you start seeing people getting killed randomly disconnect from the server and report it. One thing i have come to terms with is dont get attached to your gear. There is always some guy out there wanting to ruin our fun. 

Mission Update:

  • Fixed: You can now change your clothes again.
  • Updated: Lowered the amount of roaming AI around the missions (Keep in mind some missions call reinforcements)

About cheater last night.

  • We will sort out by giving back any vehicles that was lost by the hacker. As for the item/gear in side the vehicles as we are not going to know what you had, if it was hard to get loot or a pvp on the server we would understand but as there is more loot and easy access to it. a few missions or just looting the world spawn you will gain it all back in no time.