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Overpoch Server Update #10 - Bug Fixing / Testing Build

Released 03/08/2019

Key Changes

Testing a few fixes as well some AI Changes

Missions & AI Changes:

  • Updated: Number of missions spawning is now 8 from 4.
  • Removed: Roaming AI (Testing to improve server & client performance).

General Changes:

  • Added: Better rolling message system, to replace the battleye messages.
  • Added: Better Towing system.
  • Removed: Useless info when joining the server (User Settings)
  • Removed: Battleye messages that spam the screen.
  • Removed: Logistic (Towing)
  • Fixed: Holding 2 weapons is back, you should now no longer loose your 2nd weapon. (Still testing please let us know if it happens to you).
  • Fixed: Body Duping, You should no longer spawn back on your body after death with full gear. (Again this is still in testing and if it happens please let us know.)
  • Fixed maybe? lol: The kill messages has been updated to hopefully get the right weapon and distances.