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  1. The following changes will come on the next update, This may be at 12pm restart. Added: Books has now been added to the world spawn list. Added: Roaming AI helis are back. Added: Roaming AI Land Vehicles are back. Added: Roaming AI is back. Added: You can now lock your vehicle by using the key "T" Added: Zombies will now only spawn at night with the fog. Added: Much better starter kit that works. Added: You can now eat tree bark and drink your own blood, if you want to i guess? Added: You can now read books you find in the world for humanity. Added: Workshop to plot poles with this workshop you can do the following Breed Animals. Craft Mounted weapons. Craft a carpenter bench. Craft a clothes maker table. Surveillance Systems with cams. kitchen to cook better. A water source. Updated: Zombies can now one hit you. Updated: Spawn rate of full-screen night vision googles in mystery briefcase increased. Updated: AA12 HE slugs have been added to superhero trader, as a skill-based alternative to rockets. Updated: BAF_L85A2_RIS_TWS_DZ Added to Superhero Trader. Updated: FHQ_ACR_BLK_TWS Added to mystery briefcase. Updated: Taser ammo has been added(for a price) to superhero trader for those lucky enough to find one. Removed: old starter kit for new players. Removed: Halo jumping when spawning has been removed. Removed: Spawn load outs has been removed, Due to people abusing the items they get. Removed: The following weapons have been removed from world spawns & Missions vil_PK vil_PKM vil_PKP vil_RPK vil_RPK75 (_Romania) (_M72) vil_RPK74 (M) vil_VSS_PSO vil_AKS_47 vil_AK_47 (_49) (_m1) vil_AKM (_GL) vil_AKMS (_GP25) vil_M70 (B) vil_M64 vil_ASH82 vil_PMI (S) vil_MPI vil_AKS_74_u (45) vil_AK_74 vil_AKS_74 (_gp) vil_AKS_74p vil_AK_74p (_gp) vil_Type88_1 vil_PMI74S vil_AK_107 vil_SVD_63 vil_M240_B vil_Fal vil_Fal_Para vil_M16A1 vil_M4 vil_M249_Para vil_M14 vil_G36KA4 vil_AG36KA4
  2. Fixed: An error that was displaying when a player was killed. Updated: Auto claim has been changed from 1 second to 25 seconds Removed: Voting of Day / Night. This is to give the server a full day/night cycle. Removed: Both smoke and flares from mission boxes. Added: You can now build on and near roads. Blocking roads preventing anyone from passing will result in object being removed with out warning.
  3. Testing a few fixes as well some AI Changes Missions & AI Changes: Updated: Number of missions spawning is now 8 from 4. Removed: Roaming AI (Testing to improve server & client performance). General Changes: Added: Better rolling message system, to replace the battleye messages. Added: Better Towing system. Removed: Useless info when joining the server (User Settings) Removed: Battleye messages that spam the screen. Removed: Logistic (Towing) Fixed: Holding 2 weapons is back, you should now no longer loose your 2nd weapon. (Still testing please let us know if it happens to you). Fixed: Body Duping, You should no longer spawn back on your body after death with full gear. (Again this is still in testing and if it happens please let us know.) Fixed maybe? lol: The kill messages has been updated to hopefully get the right weapon and distances.
  4. Mission & Roaming AI Changes: Remove cheytac from WAI and verify other high-end snipers have been removed. DZAI remove hero skin. Trader & Banker Changes: G3 Mag price has been corrected in traders. Missing AK PBS mag and USP .45 mag have been added to trader. Added key makers kit. Adjust Backpack prices. Adjust medical and food prices. Max Trader banker Money storage has been increased from 5 mil to 500 mil Safe bank deposit has been disabled. Due to money duping. Maintaining Changes: Light pole deconstruction give item. Light poles should no longer despawn on restarts. Maintaining cost will remain on 1600 per item. If you want a big base then you are going to have to pay for it. If not you can build a small base. Virtual garage maintain cost is now 1000$ General Changes: You can now buy humanity from the hero trader, It will cost 100k for 10k humanity. You can now go over 100k humanity. Care packages has been disabled till fixed. Logistic (Towing) has been disabled till we can fully sort it out. Done some changes to vote day / night. Should not need everyone on the server to vote.
  5. Changed Long ID to 8 Changed Release Date to 02/19/2019
  6. We are bring out version 2.0 today below will be the changes made to the server. AI Missions: You will no longer gain humanity from killing ai from the gunner of any vehicle. (Arma 2 bug gives you god mode when using it.) Humanity Gained from killing AI has been lowered from 100 to 50 per kill. Traders: The following weapons have been removed from the traders XM2010_TWS_SD Cheytac M249 AS50 TWS M110 TWS Smaw New To Server: Care Packages: Calling one from your radio will drop a create on your location. Inside the create you will get random loot from guns you are unable to get and other useful items. Tasers: You can now find tasers on police zombies and inside the care packages. Box Dragging and loading: You are now able to drag and load ammo boxes from missions, you are only able to load boxes on to trucks only. Fast Healing: You are now able to use the banker to fast heal if you want to pay the 5k HUD: There is now a had at the bottom of the screen, this will show hotkeys and uptime. Mystery Briefcases: You can now buy them from the black market trader for 600k. You can get weapons and items you can not buy from any traders. Ming: Mining for gems, use your sledge hammer to mine for gems. Paychecks: You will now gain 20k every hour when on the server, But you can not earn them if you are Inside a plot or a trader zone or tagged as AFK. Starter Box: Its back if you are new on the server you will be given the option to spawn a box that will have basic building supplies. Few Fixes: Auction house has been patched. You should now gain your money. You can no longer deploy vehicles inside walls making them blowup. Vehicles randomly unlocking when logging out.
  7. Mini Update General Changes: Vehicle sell distance increased from 40m to 100m Over all mine veins lowered from 50 to 10 Max animals has lowered from 5 to 2. Build limit has been lowered from 350 to 200. (This is due to the base maintaining bug, bases dont delete after 7 days) Dog Taming has been disabled. One word...Buggy. Events will now only show up every 15 minuets. Event changes: Abandoned Safes has been disabled. Rubble Town Event has been disabled. Ikea Event has been updated. Drug Bust Event has been updated. Gems Event has been updated. Labyrinth Even has been updated. Treasure Event has been updated. Special Forces Event Updated. UN Supplies Event has been updated. Other notes: Server restarts changed from every 6 hours to every 3 hours. This is help any frames you may get when the server has been running for hours. A few changes made to the back end to help with the process of epoch items and objects. We are still combating this you should also consider the up coming changes when we post them. Something your client needs to load. Every client has to load ALL base building items. Every client has to load ALL the vehicles. Every client has to load and calculate ALL AI movement. Every client has to load and calculate ALL clan logos/custom graphics.
  8. Over the last few days I have been working on some tweaks to the balance of the missions we have spawning on the server. First things first, the things players will be happy to hear: - Number of concurrent missions has been upped from 3 to 4. The time it takes for a new mission to spawn has been lowered. Various spawn rules for where missions will spawn have been tweaked as well. Hopefully the combination of these tweaks will mean it will feel there are more choice of missions to do, and less downtime overall. Now for the balance changes: - Green missions have had all vehicle patrols removed from them. The trade-off being, that loot has been decreased. The purpose of these missions are for new players to get into, and get some decent gear to take on the harder missions. Yellow missions will now have one or two vehicle patrols. and/or a MG or two. The loot you would get from the yellows was all over the place... it has now been brought closer into line with each other. Red missions will be armed much like they are now. Again, loot was all over the place, some missions were good, others were bad. It has been balanced against itself as well. Black missions will be armed like they are currently. A few tweaks (the Nighthawk heli rarely engaged players and just sat on the edge of the mission, etc) Loot has been balanced more here as well. Other changes: As it was before, the vehicle patrols were set up to explode if the driver of the vehicle got out. This would occur if you caused damage to one of the wheels, or a decent amount of damage to the engine. This will no longer happen. The driver will still jump out, but the gunner is still there. :D UPGRADE DOCUMENTS will no longer be found on AI, but instead will become random loot in the loot crates. This is to balance the fully upgraded SUVs. When upgraded, they are as strongly armoured as a high end APC like the BTR90. This change will hopefully make them a little harder to come by, as well as encourage players to trade them with each other for full sets. LAUNCHERS held by the AI will now be destroyed on death. Launchers and launcher ammo will now be guaranteed in the loot boxes at all the black missions, as well as a chance of spawning at the other military type missions. (base type missions, bandit patrols, etc.) The vehicle patrols will now be randomly selected from an array, instead of being a set vehicle type for each mission. This will hopefully make the missions slightly more unpredictable. You might get lucky and get low-powered pickups for the vehicles, or might get three m2 toting Humvee to fight. A few missions will have set vehicles to match the mission theme. (black hawks for the Army base) Also, some items have been added to the loot box loot list to add a bit more variety.
  9. Changed Release Date to 01/21/2019
  10. Changed Long ID to 2
  11. Changed Release Date to 01/24/2019
  12. Just a little update for you today. Added: We have added a auction house to all the bankers at all the trader zones. With this auction house you can buy and sell items you want. Known Bugs: Sometimes you are unable to see "My items" the items you are selling. Removed: You can no longer hold 2 main weapons (This is a temp fix for the dying and losing the weapon) We are still working on getting this fixed for you. Other notes: We are looking for 2 moderators for the server. If you want to try out check out http://thewalkingzuk.co.uk/application/form/1-staff-application/
  13. After the resent cheating activity i have put an extra layer of protection. We are now apart of a global ban list. Meaning anyone that was banned on other servers is now banned here. (Banned meaning if they was hacking / cheating only). Their is well over 10k bans. After viewing a large number of hackers seem to buy new accounts or create new steam accounts just use for hacking. We are now not allowing players with new accounts less then 30 days old to join the server. This being said if you have a friend that want to play but cant get on due to this change, please contact us and we will sort it out for you. Battleye filters are also being made/setup. Realistically you can never stop cheaters if they want to cheat they will find a way to do so. Its our job to make it harder for them to do so. If a cheater does come on and you start seeing people getting killed randomly disconnect from the server and report it. One thing i have come to terms with is dont get attached to your gear. There is always some guy out there wanting to ruin our fun. Mission Update: Fixed: You can now change your clothes again. Updated: Lowered the amount of roaming AI around the missions (Keep in mind some missions call reinforcements) About cheater last night. We will sort out by giving back any vehicles that was lost by the hacker. As for the item/gear in side the vehicles as we are not going to know what you had, if it was hard to get loot or a pvp on the server we would understand but as there is more loot and easy access to it. a few missions or just looting the world spawn you will gain it all back in no time.
  14. Changed Long ID to 4